Corona virus from China seems to be having a deadly effect worldwide. The scare of COVID-19 is looing large on the industry and no one knows which direction it will go in the near future. Nations are looking at a lockdown, shutting borders, cancelling flights, cutting off with the rest of the world.

At the time of writing this, about 170,000 cases have been confirmed and about 6,500 deaths reported globally as per WHO figures.

While in India, from stray cases in February, the confirmed cases stand at 93, no casualties as yet have been reported fortunately. As per reports the worst is yet to come. It is only when testing increases across the country, will we see the true picture emerging.

All imports from China are at a standstill. The Wuhan virus has put a full stop to many activities too. Travel to and fro, the whole of South East has become an absolute no no resulting in a state of uncertainty, fear and trepidation. Nothing is known about the Corona virus, except that it is highly infectious and can be deadly. The scientists and doctors are perplexed by its nature and graph. There is a race against time to find a cure or vaccine before the entire world is caught in its grip. If that happens, the effects on human life and the world economy will be disastrous.

In the print industry, as in others, manufacturers are at a stage in this month of the year, where they are planning and forecasting for the Financial Year 20-21. Working on expected sales during the year.

Many companies are getting ready to showcase their developments and new products at drupa, which also is under uncertainty of being held as many shows are being postponed or cancelled globally because of the situation.

Will this result in a financial disaster, will the pandemic become a panic or will we sail through smoothly? Only time will tell. Stay cautious, stay safe.

Veerendra Malik

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