ColorJet showcases upgraded Earth Series at Fespa Global

ColorJet, acknowledged as a futuristic technology company that transformed the digital printing industry, revealed the upgraded Earth Series - Earth 32i at Fespa Global. Representing a breakthrough in sustainable textile printing, this advanced solution eliminated the need for extra equipment for pre and post-treatment, resulting in significant savings of water and energy.

The incorporation of Superfine Nano nozzles ensured a significant leap in print sharpness and resolution, promising users unparalleled detail in their printed output. The turbocharged functionality, coupled with Nozzle Pumping for Peak Performance, elevated the speed and efficiency of the printing process, ensuring optimal results at an unprecedented pace.

Adding to its versatility, the Earth 32i introduced a Variable Drop Printing option, granting users the flexibility to customize ink droplet sizes for enhanced precision tailored to their specific needs. In line with our unwavering commitment to user safety, this model boasted Improved Safety Standards, implementing optimized mechanisms that guaranteed a secure and worry-free printing experience.

The UV Range of Products featured the Vulcan Hybrid X and Verve Mini. The Vulcan Hybrid X, a 2-IN-1 powerhouse designed to cater to the diverse needs of processing enterprises. This 2-meter high-speed printer stood out for its exceptional precision, functioning seamlessly as both a flatbed and roll-to-roll printer.

The Vulcan Hybrid X was a catalyst for business growth, promising a higher return on investment (ROI), and accommodating a wide array of substrates, including ACP, foam, board, flute board, glass, ceramic tiles, wood, and various vinyl and flexible media.

Complementing this was the Verve Mini, a compact and intelligent Flatbed LED UV printer that redefined affordability without compromising on performance. Representing a smart investment for expanding printing businesses, the Verve Mini empowered users to infuse more value and creativity into their work.

Attendees at Fespa 2024 could anticipate live demonstrations of ColorJet's cutting-edge digital printing solutions, showcasing unparalleled speed, precision, and versatility.

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